Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mademoiselle Denamur

Anyone who knows me would swear that I am completely French, despite my Asian heritage. It's quite true, really. I surrender myself completely to anything and everything that invariably relates to France: music, food, fashion, film, interior design... you name it. Three years ago, I fell in love with French music, and it all started with Claire Denamur. This lovely mademoiselle creates the most wonderful music composed with absolutely charming lyrics, and I am wonderfully thrilled to know that her newest album will be released on September 19! I can hardly wait! I leave you now with the two songs that started my love affair with la musique fran├žaise. Tell me, do you fancy them?

Claire Denamur - In the Mood for L'Amour

Claire Denamur - Prince Charmant

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